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Udon at Oumi Sasaya

Posted by Shannon on 02/21/2012

Udon is a noodle variation of the many used in Japanese cooking. In an analogy:  Khloe is to Kourtni as Udon is to Ramen. Both are noodles but udon is the slightly puffier version.

I tried Oumi Sasaya on a weeknight back in November, after my go to noodle soup spot, Eboshi, was unexpectedly closed. Just a few doors down in the L-shaped plaza…Oumi Sasaya’s local popularity equaled a 20 minutes for a seat to open up. Their menu is extensive, but I’d Yelp’ed this place while I waited and knew I wanted the shrimp and mochi tempura udon.

Udon, Japanese, Soup, Lomita, California, Mochi

The waitress set down the wide, shallow bowl in front of me and the scents of tempura and scallion broth wafted up towards me. She then presented me with a wooden ladle too, which I used to transport the shrimp and soft, chewy mochi towards my mouth. Mochi is made with rice that is pounded down to a pasty texture before being reformed into a more solid mass. I’ve had mochi as part of desserts before, but never in a savory presentation like this. The tempura coating absorbed the fragrant soup, flavoring the mochi well.

Udon, Japanese, Soup, Lomita, California, Shrimp Tempura, Mochi

My boyfriend ordered the curry udon. I had a few chopstick bites/soup spoonfuls and that was on POINT. The guys order this more often, I think because it’s a pretty hearty, thick soup. We also had Ice Dome sake and their complimentary chilled tofu with micro-diced scallions. Lucky for me, Steve didn’t want his so I got a double dose of tofu to quell my starvation.

Udon, Japanese, Soup, Lomita, California, Sake, Tofu

Visit: 2383 Lomita Blvd Unit 101 | Lomita, CA 90717

Open: Tuesday through Sunday

Hours: 11:30a-2p | 5p-9:30p



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