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Eating “Lobsta” Rolls

Posted by Shannon on 03/08/2012

Delicious, delicious crustacean. Until last Saturday, I’d never eaten a lobster roll. The Food Truck Festival in Santa Anita changed all that. This $12 lunch, served on a toasted split top roll, was worth the wait. Simplistic and done properly. Large chunks of lobster claw and tail meat were the only contents of this sandwich.

Lobsta Truck, Lobster, Lobster Roll, Foodie Photographer, Santa Anita Food Truck Festival,

Sweet lobsta about to be drizzled with clarified butter.

Prior to the mid-1800s, lobster was typified as food for the lower classes. Last weekend, I was on a mission to hunt out the Lobsta Truck, amidst the 50 other food trucks there that day. Chillin in 85+ degrees and direct sunlight at the Santa Anita Race Track, I had my day of reckoning.

Lobsta Truck, Lobster, Lobster Roll, Foodie Photographer, Santa Anita Food Truck Festival,

My first Lobster Roll experience (March 2012)

When the little red & white checkered food boat descended towards my face from the Lobsta Truck pick-up window… I was antsy with delight. I poured the clarified butter on top and devoured it all. Well done Lobsta Truck, see you Tuesday at the Gateway LA food truck festival for another lunchtime indulgence ;).


5 Responses to “Eating “Lobsta” Rolls”

  1. Gary said

    I love lobpsta rolls, nice! FYI, just finished reading the Lobster Chronicle… ck. it out! PS Maine lobster is at an all time low price wise, you can find it at $8.99-9.99/lb at Ralphs recently… enjoy! (remember dont! over cook it!) SeaLarsGo

    • Shannon said

      Hi Gary! Good tip b/c I haven’t shopped at Ralph’s for “da lobsta meat” there before! Thanks for reading and I appreciate you commenting (do more lol!)

  2. Karen said

    Your lobster roll looks great. In Maine, the lobster is usually just tossed with a little mayo and served on a butter toasted roll. However you eat it, you can’t beat a fresh lobster roll.

    • Shannon said

      That one of my food adventure bucket list items… to have a lobster roll made from freshly caught Maine lobster. Do you have a favorite, local meal from your current hometown?

      • Karen said

        Hi Shannon, I live in New Hampshire in the winter and spring and I would say that clam chowder would be the local favorite. In summer we have a cottage on a lake in Maine. Other than a lobster roll, I think the local favorite would be a fresh Maine blueberry pie.

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