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Zaca Vineyards — Santa Barbara, CA

Posted by Shannon on 03/09/2012

Like arriving at Mecca.

Demetria Wine Tasting, Santa Barbara, Vineyard, California, Zaca Vineyards

The Zaca Vineyard was the location of our second wine tasting, this time for the Demetria Estate. We received the tip from the couple we met at the Gainey Vineyard’s tasting earlier in the day. What they failed to tell us about the Demetria Estate’s tasting, was…

1) The Demetria Estate is actually located within the Zaca Vineyards property. Thus, it was not a sign we’d be able to locate going off of their verbal directions.

2) You needed the gate code to enter the Zaca Vineyard grounds.

3) Once we traveled back and forth up the road it is on, we’d nearly run out of gas, and need to drive five miles in the opposite direction to fuel back up before finding our way back to Zaca, in a near-hangry (hungry + angry) state.

That leg of the trip was a true testament to our teamwork and communication skills, the geographical confusion and hunger-induced duress would’ve turned a lesser couple’s day into a catastrophe.

But we did indeed find it! Once we stopped for gas station directions at a totally different winery, they not only pointed us to a 76 Station, but also informed us of/provided us with the required gate code!

Once we saw the incredible scenery (pictured above), the previous hour of searching melted away from memory. An acoustic guitar performance on a small side stage to the right of our table completed the relaxing afternoon.

Zaca Vineyard, Wine Tasting, Demetria Estate, Santa Barbara, California, Wine

We had picked up lunch from the Los Olivos Market while en route. We broke out a caprese sandwich for me and another with a mixture of Italian cold-cuts for Steve. Like many of the others in the outdoor tasting area, we brought our picnic with us when we took our seats. We even made a new little buddy.

Zaca Vineyard, Wine Tasting, Demetria Winery, Santa Barbara, California, Wine

This adorable Shi Tzu was a fast friend after just one bite of bread. He was and adorable and quiet companion, laying near our feet and glancing up every now and again to see if we were in a sharing mood. My favorites wines were the Cuvee Papou and the Syrah. The Syrah was too peppery for Steve’s liking, so I actually got a double-tasting of that one!

Zaca Vineyard, Wine Tasting, Demetria Estate, Santa Barbara, California, Wine

With our winery trip complete, we headed back towards Santa Barbara. Steve showed me around the waterfront area, and we walked along the boardwalk as the sun went down. I really enjoyed walking around the downtown area, and I found a shirt and necklace at one of the boutiques there. The annual film festival was that night so the downtown area was especially busy. We ducked out of the hustle and bustle and settled at a restaurant whose  outdoor area with bronze, hanging stars and fire pits reminded Steve of the outdoor bars and ambiance in Greece. We caught the tail-end of happy hour  there, relaxed and talked, then drove back to Redondo Beach happy and with a full day’s worth of memories from our winery tour/adventure!


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