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Foodie Photo: Japanese Gum

Posted by Shannon on 03/13/2012

Cider Chewing Gum

Square gum piece w/ carbonated powder center

Supa Cider Gum, Japanese, Fizzy Gum, Cider Candy, Cider Gum

What: Cider is a common flavor for candies and sodas in Japan. It differs from the apple cider Americans would typically think of. This is a lighter, fruitier taste. The fun part about this gum is that, like the hard candy version, it literally fizzes up in your mouth as if you were taking a drink of pop (soda)!

Where: Purchased from Mitsuwa Marketplace in Torrance, CA

Why: Bright, metallic graphics… a dancing gum mascot holding a bottle of soda. What’s not to love??


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