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Santouka Ramen on a Friday Afternoon

Posted by Shannon on 03/15/2012

I like ending my week with celebratory food. 

Me and a few friends from work rolled down to Mitsuwa Marketplace (an Asian market) in Torrance. Their food court (if you can call it that) is more like a veritable compound of full-fledged restaurants, that just happen to be in the same building as Mitsuwa :). We went to Santouka Ramen, I ordered the small-sized spicy miso ramen combo.

Mitsuwa, Torrance, California, Spicy Miso Ramen, Santouka

I love that this “small combo” also came w/ a rice bowl topped with seaweed, bonito and lots of green onion.

Mitsuwa, Torrance, California, Santouka, Rice bowl, Green Onion, Seaweed, Bonito Flakes

My friend ordered from the food stand next to mine… which just introduced takoyaki & okonomiyaki (my favorite and similar to Pajeon in South Korea). The takoyaki are made in a cast iron pan that looks a bit like a muffin pan. The batter is poured into the circular pan molds and cooked quickly. Vendors in Japan often sell this popular snack streetside, it’s popular anytime of day… I’d likely eat these after a night out, as I flagged down a cab to go home. The takoyaki are made of a savory batter, with pieces of grilled squid (tako), green onion and pickled ginger inside. The topping you see is shaved dried bonito flakes (katsuobushi), mayo and tako sauce.

Mitsuwa, Torrance, California, Santouka, takoyaki, Squid, Chowmein

I snagged one of the takoyaki, ate the top layer of my rice bowl, and then happily had to say, “uncle” a few bites of ramen later. Otherwise, I would have been in a carb/food-baby coma at my desk later that afternoon.

Mitsuwa, Torrance, California, Spicy Miso Ramen, Santouka


2 Responses to “Santouka Ramen on a Friday Afternoon”

  1. akashichop said

    Such a great Friday lunch outing! Delish food, yummy snacks and wonderful people 🙂 Let’s go back!

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