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Recipe: Clams and Linguine

Posted by Shannon on 03/20/2012

Saturday night at home with Steve. Nothing more on this project manager’s “to do list” than some down time together. Cooking al dente pasta, talking and drinking a few drinks. I may look like a recent college grad, but this 27 year-old has the weekend interests of a 50 year-old at times.

Mock me if you must, but really, I couldn’t care less. I am who I am, and at least half the time, I want to spend a weekend-evening at home getting slightly tipsy while I make a meal with my boyfriend.

This Clams and Linguine recipe is a simple meal that requires that you use premium ingredients. Because there are so few components, any and all sub-optimal ingredients will shine in all their icky glory. Similar to the saying, “garbage in, garbage out.” If you put generic brand 99-cent per package pasta and $2-Chuck wine into this recipe, your dinner will turn out accordingly.

Consider yourself forewarned…

Linguine, De Cecco Linguine, Clams, White Wine, Pasta, Dinner, Italian Parsley, The Foodie Photographer

Clams and Linguine

  • Kosher salt

  • 6 to 8 T quality olive oil

  • 3 to 4 plump cloves garlic, diced

  • 1/3 cup of white wine (we used Honig wine)

  • 1 T dried red peppers, minced finely

  • 10-15 Manila clams, rinsed in cold water while you scrub their shells w/ an old toothbrush

  • 1 lb  De Cecco linguine

  • Fresh Italian parsley (not standard parsley!!) minced fresh for garnishing the dish


  1. Start a large pasta pot of water on the stove at high heat. When it boils, add 3T kosher salt.

  2. In a second pot, add and heat your olive oil and diced garlic at a medium heat. (Continue to stir your first pot’s contents, so the garlic softens but does not brown!)

    Now add in your white wine, minced red pepper flakes, and clams. Cover with a lid and continue to cook over medium heat. For the next few minutes, give your pot the occasional shake until the clams open. When they do, remove the clams from the pot and set aside in a bowl on the counter. Any clams that don’t open are, as Steve puts it,  “no pico de gallo” (no good), so trash those dud clammys. also, keep you clam “broth” in that pot and turn off the heat for now.

  3. Next, add the De Cecco linguine to your boiling pot of water and cook to al dente. Scoop up a cup of the pasta water and reserve for later, then drain your pasta.

  4. Transfer your pasta and about 1/4 C of your pasta water to the pot with the clam broth in it.  Incorporate them with the broth by tossing it together with tongs (or two forks) over a medium heat. When evenly mixed, add a few more spoonfuls of your pasta water if the pasta mixture is looking a little dry.

    Stir in clams and any juices in that bowl until pasta and clams are heated up properly. Plate while pipping hot and garnish with the Italian parsley.

Linguine, De Cecco Linguine, Clams, White Wine, Pasta, Dinner, Italian Parsley, The Foodie Photographer


Enjoy in good company, in good spirits.

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