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Flashback Friday: Happy Hour at The Daily Grill

Posted by Shannon on 03/23/2012

Earlier this week, I met up with Shannon to have lunch. She was my office-BFF when we worked together at Penske Media Corporation, and I still miss hanging out and our inside jokes. These days I’m at Team One (the advertising agency for Lexus), but luckily our offices are close enough that we manage to meet for lunch or happy hour nearly monthly.

This week’s convo reminded me a favorite memories with her….during one of our many lunches at The Daily Grill. Now, understand that “DG” was the only decent eatery available nearby. The office is at the corner of Century Blvd. and La Cienega… for you locals who can mentally picture (the lack of) what we had to choose from.

This location is located within the Westin Hotel, so also come with free valet parking for three hours. My inner-lazy-person rejoiced. Anyway, that particular day, we drove up to the valet stand, where we were greeted as near-friends from the valet hop who was always working there during lunchtime. We placed our orders and turned down the “freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade” the wait staff offered every single time we went, and started in on the warm loaf of sourdough bread the waiter brought.

It as a particularly slow day at the office, but we still had plenty to catch up on and laugh about. When we reached the last piece of bread – the awkward, über crunchy heel – I knew lunch was coming… but I wanted more and disclosed my B.B.A (bread basket addiction.) After a split section of worrying about her thinking I was a huge pig, she agreed and we laughed. There may or may not have been times we had two bread baskets at lunch. Eventually, we overcame what we labeled “bread shame”.  This photo is at DG, taken at one of the last happy hours we went to before I left the company. The vodka/carb delicious combo makes me smile and encapsulates many fond memories of my friends and resulting fun that came from hanging out with them.

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