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Creamy Mushroom Risotto

Posted by Shannon on 03/26/2012

Another new sojourn in cooking…the conquest to create a creamy risotto that is cooked just above al dente. The key here is constant, gentle stirring as the Arborio rice cooks.

Steve knocked this one out of the park… with sliced mushrooms, Chardonnay, thyme and chicken broth as key components. He topped it with a light dusting over Pecorino Toscano and a medium-rare steak. I was in savory, umami heaven eating dinner.

Risotto, Aborrio rice, Rosemary, Mushrooms, Chardonnay, First Fleet Chardonnay, Steak

Arborio is a rice variation that is grown specifically in Italy, the grain is a bit plumper than typical white rice from Asia. The goal is keeping the pot from getting so hot the mixture bubbles or boils. The stirring slowly breaks down a bit of the gluten and ensures consistent texture.

Risotto, Aborrio rice, Rosemary, Mushrooms, Chardonnay, First Fleet Chardonnay

Conquest conquered!

2 Responses to “Creamy Mushroom Risotto”

  1. Try adding homemade stock, (like this one to your recipe. If you add mushrooms to the stock early, it really deepens the flavor of the risotto!

    • Shannon said

      Ooh we do do that as a matter of fact. Steve simmers an entire roaster chicken in a big pot with aromatics and etc. Then we divide it into containers and freeze it for recipes throughout the month. You’re right… organic broth is tasty, but there is a unique, deeper quality when you make it yourself!

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