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Sunday Dinner — Seattle Meets Santa Monica

Posted by Shannon on 04/07/2012

The intersection of friends, all originally hailing from Washington, at one dinner table on a Sunday night in California…

My best friend from high school came to town for a visit last weekend. I was giddy-excited because we hadn’t seen each other in nearly two years. The last time Kathryn visited I was already living in California,  but in an entirely different spot in my life. She is always someone who I pick up conversation with like we just spoke yesterday. We met over at Ben’s house, a mutual friend who she knew in Seattle, and who I met at LAX while we were both waiting for our flight back to Seattle earlier this year.

Sunday, Santa Monica, The Foodie Photographer, Truffle Salt, Cakebread Cellar, Grilled Lamb

Ben grilled up lamb for dinner, seasoned with truffle salt and a myriad of other delicious spices. Maricelle, Kathyrn’s sister, and the three of us had conversation over a bottle of 2003 Cakebread Cellar Merlot while assembling a frisee salad with blue cheese, sliced pear and walnuts tossed together in a vinaigrette. The sliced, tender medallions of lamb and roasted Yukon/purple potatoes were tender, salted perfectly. I want to find sturdy dinner plates like the ones we dined off of, relics from the 70s that Ben’s mom handed down to him.

The time rushed by too quickly for me, and I found myself wishing for another few hours, not wanting to say goodbye yet. But I treasure this picture of the three of us, one we take each time we “reunite” over the years, be it Seattle, Santa Monica, or Hermosa Beach. I love this food memory… gathered around the table, in a warm comfortable space, with friends new and ones I’ve had since 11th grade.


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