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Easter 2012 Re-cap

Posted by Shannon on 04/09/2012

Easter 2012 Re-Cap

 The Speakeasy on Abbot Kinney & Steve’s Parents’ Casa

The Foodie Photographer, Easter 2012, Arancini, Chandon, Champagne, Peeps, Lamb shank, Eggplant Parmiagana

Easter 2012

Easter Sunday was full of friends and great food. I started the morning at the Speakeasy in Venice, for Justine, Corinna and Griffin’s Easter brunch. I took over a bottle of Chandon and we spent a nice part of the afternoon outside in the sun talking and relaxing. I headed home after a few hours to make my contribution (deviled eggs) to the dinner I went to that night.

One very cute addition to the place settings were the Peep-topped cupcakes that Gail made for dessert/decoration! She made the cupcake batter from scratch (no Duncan Hines here!) and dyed the coconut w/ food coloring. My cupcake’s Peep chick looked like it was nesting on top of the peanut butter M&M beneath it!

I had Arancini for the first time yesterday too! They are delicious little fried orbs of risotto w/ peas and mushrooms and a knob of mozzarella at the center. By the time the arancini is plated and topped with a spoonful of tomato sauce to finish it, the mozza has melted to a soft, stringy texture that is absolutely great. There was also a large dish of eggplant parmesan and a gigantic bowl of lamb shanks during our meal. There was ham, vegetables and a bevy of other dishes. We ate and ate, and then somehow found room for the homemade carrot cake Steve’s mom made! The English toffee was a second round of dessert no one accounted for… so we took our portion home for snacking later this week.


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