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Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers

Posted by Shannon on 04/13/2012

Mediterranean Style Stuffed Peppers

Israeli Couscous, chicken, pine nuts, feta, tomato sauce, sherry-soaked currants

Stuffed peppers, Mediterranean, The Foodie Photographer, Foodie, Feta, Tomato Sauce, Risotto, Currants

Making stuffed peppers for dinner is fairly easy. First step: beheading the peppers and removing the white areas and seeds within. Then you can either parboil the pepper until it slightly softens, or bake the pepper for a bit long (as much as 45mins) in the oven.

Baked peppers are something you can interpret in a variety of ethnic cuisines. I imagine a Korean version with beef bulgogi and gochujang rice would be really good.This time, we went Mediterranean with couscous, chicken, toasted pine nuts and currants pre-soaked (30 mins to an hour) in a cup of sherry.

The couscous was pre-cooked separately to a little bit before al dente. This factors in the additional time your peppers will spend baking in the oven while inside the pepper. Once the pasta is done, mix in the chicken. We used a roasted chicken seasoned with rosemary and garlic, and diced about a cup of it up. You’ll stir that in with the other ingredients listed above, spoon it into the pepper, top it with feta cheese, then bake until desired heat/pepper texture is achieved. To serve, ladle tomato sauce in the center of the plate and garnish with a sprinkle of chopped/fresh basil. Plate the pepper and top with a little bit more sauce.

Happy Friday the 13th to you, and have a wonderful weekend!


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