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Lamb Chops & Garlic Potatoes

Posted by Shannon on 04/17/2012

Life has been busy in all areas lately. To add-on to it all, I’ve finally succumbed to two items… a Nook e-Reader and The Hunger Games series. So in between late nights at the office, reading in my spare time (including on the stationary bike at the gym via my Nook iPhone app), and finding time for friends and Steve… I’ve taken a bit to post a new picture for you.

That ends here and now. Roasted rosemary baby lamb shanks atop garlic mashed potatoes that were fork-mashed by hand! I ended up eating two more sections of the lamb chops’ rich meaty flavor, in between my forkfuls of creamy potatoes.

Lamb chops, potatoes, mashed potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, rack of lamb, dinner, the foodie photographer

P.S. The best way to catch some foodie photos from me at any time of day is on Instagram. If you’re on Instagram too, I’m “thefoodiephotgrapher” and want you to “follow” my photo stream!


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