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Homemade Vegetable Scramble

Posted by Shannon on 04/22/2012

I decided to make breakfast for lunch on Saturday. I came back from the gym pretty ravenous after a cardio & strength training workout. Though I was tempted to just make a double-portion protein shake and call it a day, I knew a home-cooked meal would be equally satiating,  but much, much more fulfilling. Eggs are a staple for me: scrambled, in oyako donburi, in pasta carbonara, and hard-boiled as a snack or at the Whole Food salad bar. I wanted to make a relatively “clean” meal after my workout… so I whisked together three eggs (discarding one of the yolks), grated Tillamook sharp cheddar, and diced up asparagus, tofu, and onions.

I sautéed the asparagus and onion in butter by themselves first, because they take more time to soften from the raw form to something you’d find in an egg scramble than the other ingredients. After the onion was translucent I added the tofu (a baked “savory” flavor variation from Whole Foods) and warmed it up before pouring in the eggs and reducing the stove flame to medium. I slowly added in cheese as I repeatedly folded the egg scramble into itself.

I use the small white scoop that comes w/ rice cookers to make my scrambled eggs, the smaller yet wider surface area and shape is more efficient than a spatula in my opinion. When the eggs started firming up, I began toasting my English muffin half, so that by the time I was scooping the cooked eggs onto my plate, the muffin sprang up from the toaster with a golden hue around the edges. We only cook w/ sticks of butter in our apartment, so buttering rigid, nook-and-cranny style English muffins can be tricky when you’re trying to spread the butter with a knife and successfully melt it before the muffin cools. I am one of those impatient (gross?) people who rubs the stick of butter directly onto the English muffin half. I do take a knife and remove the crumbs from the butter when I’m done (ok… 98% of the time.)

Eggs, Tillamok Cheddar, Cheese, Tofu, Asparagus, Mushroom, Onion, English Muffin, Butter, The Foodie Photographer, Redondo Beach, California, Food Photo, Foodie

Saturday’s weather was bright yet overcast, and I sat at the dining room table enjoying my lunch in the sunlight shining through the double slider doors that face our table.  A relaxing, fulfilling and peaceful weekend lunch!


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